VAT Deregistration

VAT Deregistration

Generally, the end or withdrawal of VAT selection is called VAT Deregistration. As per the law portrayed under the rules of FTA, the following capability is ought to apply for VAT Deregistration in UAE.

1. Mandatory VAT Deregistration
An entity must apply for Tax Deregistration under the following circumstances:

2. Voluntary VAT Deregistration
A company can apply for Tax Deregistration voluntarily if:

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How to Apply for Vat Deregistration?

Requests for deregistration can be submitted via the FTA Online Portal. Upon logging in, the VAT deregistration form for the UAE can be filled out with the necessary details and the rationale behind the deregistration. Certain information will be pre-filled based on the previous registration data.

The FTA’s approval of a VAT deregistration application depends on several factors, including:

a. Outstanding Liability
b. Returns being filed
c. Any Administrative Penalties

Deregistration Penalty

Failing to apply for VAT deregistration within the stipulated timeframe, i.e., within 20 business days, results in a penalty of AED 10,000.

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